As experts in graffiti removal, we have developed a wide range of cleaning solutions and treatment processes that allow our Technicians to clean away all types of paint and graffiti from hard surfaces.

A lot of these cleaning systems allow for the treatment and removal of other non-graffiti related jobs.

For example, commercial property can often see the exterior walls painted in a business’ brand colours, or signage.

When the property is vacated at the end of a lease period, or when it is sold, it is often a requirement that such exterior areas are cleaned and all painted surfaces taken back to their original bare surface.

Most brick and concrete surfaces are very porous, and when painted, the coating will soak deep into the substrate. This is great for a finish that will last for many years, however is a big problem if the area requires cleaning and full paint removal to get the surface back to a clean, bare finish.

This is where the expertise of The Graffiti Eaters team and our specialist cleaning solutions come into their own and allow us to provide an extensive treatment process that extracts the paint or coating from within the substrate leaving it looking like new again.

Often these areas that require such a treatment and clean will front directly onto public areas like footpaths and driveways.

This means it is critical to have a professional and reliable company perform the set up and preparation of the area to be cleaned.

We are fully accredited and insured, so business owners can rest assured that when our team is onsite performing such work we will not only take care to protect all public areas, but also work to EPA regulations and minimise any risk to the environment.

For more information on how our team can help with your property cleaning needs, give our customer service team a call.