When it comes to graffiti tags, there is no end to the type of surfaces vandals will target and the location they will hit.

As a result, indoor areas are often targeted by graffiti vandals just as frequently as outdoor areas. In both indoor and outdoor scenarios, there are many substrates and surface types that require careful attention when performing graffiti removal in order to minimise damage to the finish, or better still, avoid any damage at all.

As Australia’s first graffiti removal company with over 45 years’ experience in treating and cleaning graffiti, we have developed our own extensive range of specialist hand cleaning solutions and treatment processes that allow our team to carefully deal with graffiti in just about any situation.

Our range of cleaning solutions has continually been developed over the years, as our knowledge and experience of dealing with graffiti substances on a wide range of affected surfaces grew. We now consider ourselves experts in all types of substrates and surface finishes and understand what solutions or chemicals can potentially damage them.

When we couple this with our range of unique and specialist graffiti removal cleaning solutions, our team are able to take care of the cleaning process quickly, effectively and with little or no impact on the surface being treated.

Our wide range of hand cleaning solutions mean that we are able to perform graffiti removal jobs in areas where access may be restricted, for example, public spaces and facilities, high areas like building roof tops, potential fire hazards like petrol stations, or areas where excess water use may be a problem like basement carparks.

In many cases, when we perform a graffiti removal job using a hand cleaning process, our technicians will use a combination of our cleaning solutions in order to gently break down the graffiti substance and remove it from the surface with on impact the finish.

This ensures the best possible graffiti removal result every time and leaves the area looking great.

If you have problematic graffiti at your property, give our customer service team a call.