While graffiti can be a great form of artwork, it is not always welcome when it has been applied to property without any consent from the owner. As a result, the graffiti is seen as vandalism and leaves the property owner with the job of having the graffiti removed.

In most cases, graffiti vandals will target large, bare surfaces as this provides the best blank canvas for their graffiti to be seen. As a result, this is not limited to building walls, and often things like truck bodies, Colorbond fences, billboards and motorway underpasses become hot targets for graffiti.

When it comes to taking care of the graffiti removal process, simple tags are often easily dealt with as they usually don’t have too much build-up of the graffiti substance or paint.

However, large mural style graffiti like the ones shown here, will often have several layers of graffiti paint over the affected surface which results in a thick build-up of graffiti and a much tougher removal job.

Depending on the type of surface that the graffiti has been applied to, the use of correct cleaning solutions is vital in order to avoid any damage to the surface being cleaned, and potentially making the graffiti stains worse.

The use of solvents is often what many people will try to use in order to clean graffiti, but these chemicals are very strong and will commonly eat into the surface being cleaned, causing permanent damage. Solvents can also make graffiti stains worse when the tags are on bare surfaces like bricks or concrete, as the solvent will soften the graffiti substance, making it very thin and runny, allowing it to soak deeper into the porous substrate.

In order to get the best result when it comes to graffiti removal, it is advisable to leave this work to highly trained and experienced professionals. Doing so will not only ensure that all the graffiti substance and marks are fully removed, but also no damage is caused to the property during the cleaning process.

Our team of graffiti removal technicians have many years’ experience in dealing with all kinds of graffiti on a wide range of surfaces. From concrete walls, signage, fences and vehicles, we have seen it all and cleaned it all.

So, if you have graffiti on your property that you’d like gone, give our customer service team a call to discuss your situation and to arrange for a no obligation quote.