The headline of this recent news article in the Herald Sun blames the appalling state of a public property – the former Cranbourne swimming pool – on the lack of a tenant. We imagine that the cost and time required to remove graffiti and repair the property would be significant and a major inhibitor to re-letting the premises.

The situation in Cranbourne is a clear demonstration of the need for vigilance in dealing with graffiti quickly. Allowing just 1 graffiti tag to remain on your property will lead to 2, then 10, then broken windows and other property damage, and in the case of the Cranbourne swimming pool – a former vibrant community hub – a property that will now take considerable effort and expense to re-instate.

It is important to keep up the maintenance of your property – tenant or no tenant – and remove the first instance of graffiti as quickly as possible to let the vandals know it won’t be tolerated. The Graffiti Eaters express graffiti removal service can help, together with providing anti-graffiti coating, to reduce the expense of removing graffiti in the future.

Securing the perimeter of your property is also important; if those with a propensity to vandalism know they are being watched and may get caught, many won’t run the risk. This type of vandalism takes time to carry out and is more prolific when the fear of apprehension isn’t there.

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