The term Graffiti Tag refers to the most basic and the most common form of graffiti and it’s certainly the biggest graffiti vandalism problem that our urban areas face on a daily basis.

Graffiti tags are usually written with a marker pen or spray paint, commonly in a single colour and a graffiti tag is often a stylised personal signature that contains graffiti vandal’s name, also known as a moniker.

Besides being a terrible eye-sore and a real blight on community property, such graffiti tags can also have other hidden meanings that are used to send messages like the location of drug dealers, or other unsavoury events.

Which is a major reason why quick removal of graffiti tags and constantly staying on top of these as they occur is vital as it will deter offenders from operating in the area.

If you have a graffiti problem in your neighbourhood, it could be that there are other such operations being conducted in the area. These can lead to an increase in break-ins and property theft.

With over 40 years experience providing graffiti removal services nationally, our team is fully equipped and trained to perform graffiti removal on all types of property.

Call our team and let us help you keep your local area graffiti free and reduce other types of crime.