Graffiti removal can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to masonry walls made of materials like brick, concrete, sandstone, and granite. The spray paint or graffiti substance penetrates deeply into the surface, and removing it requires a skilled technician with the right cleaning solutions, technology and expertise.

If incorrect cleaning products or treatment processes are used, the risk of causing permanent damage to the affected surface can be high. In some cases, the use of regular cleaning products may remove most of the graffiti substance, but leave behind a shadow of the graffiti tag that no longer responds to any cleaning attempts.

This is a common situation we see, where regular cleaning staff have attempted to remove graffiti, but are left with a graffiti shadow, like the one shown here. Unfortunately, what many people don’t realise that while some cleaning products or solvents may remove the bulk of the graffiti substance, they can also cause it to soak deeper into the substrate. Leaving a shadow of the tag permanently on the affected surface.

In this situation, our team of technicians are often able to remove this shadowing through the use of our specialist graffiti cleaning solutions and equipment. With over 45 years experience in graffiti removal on a vast range of surfaces, our team have the knowledge of how to tackle tough graffiti jobs and get the best results every time.

So, rather than risk causing damage to your property in the event of graffiti vandalism, give us a call and we’ll get it off.

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