Graffiti vandalism can leave a significant mark on commercial properties, affecting a wide array of surfaces from painted walls and bare concrete to windows, aluminium framing, and timber. Each of these materials requires a nuanced approach to graffiti removal, ensuring that the cleaning process eradicates the graffiti without damaging the underlying surface. At The Graffiti Eaters, our technicians possess the expertise and experience necessary to tackle these challenges, offering specialised services tailored to the unique needs of each affected surface.

The Challenge of Diverse Surfaces

Commercial properties often feature a variety of materials, each with its own characteristics and vulnerabilities. Graffiti substances can interact differently with these surfaces, making a one-size-fits-all cleaning approach ineffective. For example, the method used to remove graffiti from a painted wall may not be suitable for a window or an aluminium frame. Recognising this complexity, our approach to graffiti removal is as diverse as the materials we treat.

Our Tailored Cleaning Methods

Painted Walls

For painted surfaces, we use gentle yet effective solutions that lift the graffiti without stripping away the original paint, preserving the wall’s aesthetic. In cases where this isn’t possible, our team will colour-match the existing finish and repaint the wall to architectural lines to seamlessly blend in the new paint.

Bare Concrete

Removing graffiti from porous materials like concrete requires specialist cleaning solutions that can penetrate the surface to breakdown the graffiti fully without causing damage to the substrate or causing shadowing.

Windows and Aluminium Framing

Glass and metal surfaces demand a delicate touch, using non-abrasive techniques that remove paint without scratching or etching the material.


Wood surfaces are particularly challenging due to their porous nature and potential for damage. Our team uses specialised products and techniques tailored to protect and restore the wood’s natural beauty.

Experience and Expertise

Our technicians bring years of experience to the table, backed by a deep understanding of the different surfaces affected by graffiti and the best practices for their care. This expertise is crucial for properties that have been heavily impacted by graffiti, ensuring that each surface is treated with the appropriate method for efficient removal and restoration.

Why Choose The Graffiti Eaters

Diverse Surface Knowledge

Our extensive experience across a range of surface types means we can confidently address any graffiti removal challenge, no matter the material.

Customised Cleaning Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to customise our cleaning solutions to the specific needs of each surface, ensuring optimal results without the risk of damage.

Restoration Focus

Our goal is not merely to remove graffiti but to restore the affected surfaces to their original state, preserving the integrity and appearance of your property.

Graffiti vandalism can be a significant issue for commercial properties, impacting a variety of surfaces and materials. The Graffiti Eaters’ specialised graffiti removal services offer a tailored approach to each challenge, ensuring that no matter the surface affected, we can efficiently remove the graffiti and restore the area to its original condition. Trust us to bring our expertise and customised solutions to protect and rejuvenate your property.