Illegal bill posters can make a property look untidy and unoccupied, exposing the asset to an increased risk of graffiti and other forms of vandalism.

The correct process for poster removal includes removing the physical paper and disposing of the hard waste, then using hot water under pressure to dissolve the glue residue that remains on the building surfaces which can include brickwork, concrete, painted surfaces, glass and aluminium window frames.

If a further residue remains, a cleaning solution may be required to remove the remaining glue to get a perfect result. This solution used may have to be different on each of the different surfaces to ensure damage is not sustained.

The environmental clean-up is critical to get right to ensure storm water pollution does not result.

In some council areas, permits are required to conduct this type of work and we are happy to organise this for you.

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Experience Counts

By selecting a company with over 40 years of surface restoration experience, you are able to avoid the costly mistakes that general purpose cleaners create. For example they can damage surfaces trying to remove the poster glue residue.

You’re reading this because you’re serious about maintaining the exterior of your commercial property. You understand the concept of getting it right the first time and fully appreciate the benefits of a clean and well-maintained exterior.

At The Graffiti Eaters, in addition to providing state-of-the-art graffiti removal, we provide many of Australia’s top commercial property owners with bill poster removal services from hard masonry surfaces.

We’ve cleaned most of Australia’s prime road corridors and prominent bridge piers for councils and roads authorities to rid them of unsightly bill posters.

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