The unauthorised application of advertising posters, or bill posters, on the sides of buildings has been a problem in city areas for many years. These posters, often plastered in large numbers, can cover significant portions of wall surfaces, creating an unsightly appearance that many consider a form of visual pollution akin to graffiti.

The challenge in removing these posters lies not only in peeling them off but also in dealing with the stubborn glue residue they leave behind, which can mar the aesthetic of building facades.

The Challenge of Bill Poster Removal

The adhesive used for these advertising posters is designed to be durable, ensuring the posters stay in place through various weather conditions. This same durability, however, makes the removal process particularly challenging. Once the paper is removed, the residual glue can cling tenaciously to the wall surface, making it difficult to restore the wall to its original condition.


Use slider above to view before/after images

Use slider above to view before/after images

Our Specialised Approach

At The Graffiti Eaters, we’ve developed a specialist cleaning solution specifically formulated to tackle the tough adhesive residues left by advertising posters.

Our solution effectively breaks down the glue, allowing for its complete removal without damaging the underlying surface of the wall.

Comprehensive Treatment Process

Our treatment process goes beyond merely removing the posters and their immediate residue. We ensure that the entire affected area is thoroughly cleaned, restoring the wall to its pristine original state.

This meticulous approach addresses not only the visible remnants of the posters but also any subtle staining that may have been caused by the adhesive.

Why Choose The Graffiti Eaters for Poster Removal

Expertise in Adhesive Removal

Removing adhesive residues requires a level of expertise that goes beyond standard cleaning practices. Our technicians are trained in the specific challenges posed by bill poster adhesives and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively remove them.

Restoration Focus

Our goal is not just to clean but to restore. We understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetic integrity of urban architecture, and our services are designed to return your building’s walls to their original, unblemished state.

Minimal Impact, Maximum Effectiveness

We conduct our removal services with the utmost respect for your property and its surroundings, ensuring that our operations cause minimal disruption while achieving maximum effectiveness in residue removal.

In urban environments where the unauthorised application of advertising posters can detract from the visual appeal and perceived value of properties, The Graffiti Eaters offer a professional and effective solution. Our specialised service in removing advertising posters and their residues ensures that building walls are not only cleaned but fully restored, contributing to the beautification and upkeep of our cityscapes.