Natural stone is often used for creating prominent and unique wall finishes, with some of these walls featuring in historic buildings around the country. Stone walls and finishes will last for many years when constructed properly, and also stand up to the harsh Australian environment.

Unfortunately, these surfaces often become the target of graffiti vandals and require the use of correct cleaning solutions and techniques in order to properly remove the tags.

While natural stone is usually very strong and tough, they are often very porous and the graffiti substance can soak quite deeply into the stone, in a similar way to concrete or brick.

As a result, it is necessary to use a treatment process that will correctly break down the substance and draw it out of the stone, allowing it to be rinsed away.

Many walls that are constructed using natural stones will have a very rough textured surfaces, which can greatly add to the challenge of efficiently cleaning the graffiti.

As Australia’s leading graffiti removal company with over 45 years’ experience, we have faced such challenging situation many times, and have developed specialist graffiti cleaning solutions and treatment processes that allow our team of Technicians to efficiently treat and remove graffiti from stone walls of all kinds and textures.

Our technicians can quickly identify the type of graffiti substance used for the tags as well as the type of stone surface that has been affected. They can then select the most suitable cleaning solution, or combination of solutions, for the job to ensure that all the graffiti is removed, and no damage is caused to the wall or stone surfaces.

Often, these types of stone walls are in locations with no power or water, like nature parks or rural areas. All our vehicles are equipped with on board water tanks, generators, pressure cleaning units and boilers, to enable our technicians to attend any site and perform the graffiti removal job quickly and efficiently.

So, for expert graffiti removal every time, call our customer service centre today.