With signage being a very prominent feature in all areas of our towns and cities, they are often an easy target for graffiti vandals.

Signage structures commonly use a lot of acrylic products, from plastics to printed graphics, all of which are easily damaged if solvent-based graffiti removal chemicals are used.

When performing graffiti removal from these acrylic based surfaces, great care needs to be taken and expert knowledge is crucial to ensure that the correct type of cleaning solution is used and applied in the most suitable way to ensure a good result.

Before our technicians start work on any signage cleaning or graffiti removal job, thorough testing is conducted to check the resilience of the material or surface finish, which allows them to select the most suitable cleaning solution and treatment process.

Our technicians carry a wide range of specialist cleaning solutions on their surface restoration vehicles, which allows for treatment processes from super delicate to industrial strength.

These cleaning solutions can be used individually, as a single treatment, or in combination with other products to effectively clean graffiti substances from a wide range of surfaces.

All our technicians go through rigours training processes and continual learning, with many hours spent treating and cleaning graffiti from different situations. This means they can choose the correct process when they visit any site and perform the graffiti removal job efficiently and correctly the first time.