A rendered finish on external walls is a great way to transform bare surfaces and give them a modern and stylish finish.

Rendering a wall surface is the process of applying cement, lime, acrylic, or another type of mixture to the external wall area.

In addition to changing the appearance of the wall finish, rendering will seal the exposed brick, concrete or other construction materials and protect them from the elements and moisture. This helps to reduce the wear on the wall substrate and prevent erosion or cracking, reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs in the future.

Rendered wall surfaces usually have a rough, textured finish to them, giving it a nice appearance and character. However, if a textured render wall is the target of graffiti vandalism, it can be difficult to remove all the graffiti substance and get the surface clean again.

As with most graffiti tags, regular cleaning products will often have little impact on removing the substance. Using solvents on a rendered surface can cause damage to the colour of the finish and can also see the graffiti substance to soak deeper into the textured surface.

Harsh pressure cleaning on render is also not recommended as it can leave scaring on the rendered finish, or worse still, cut through the render and break sections off the wall.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our team of technicians can take care of graffiti on render by using one of our specialist graffiti cleaning solutions that will weaken and break down the graffiti substance, allowing it to be rinsed from the textured finish using moderate water pressure.

If the graffiti is particularly heavy and has a number of layers, this treatment process can be repeated until all the graffiti is removed.

The end result is a nice and clean rendered wall surface that looks as good as it did before the graffiti vandalism.

If your property has been the target of graffiti, don’t risk causing more damage by trying to clean it using incorrect methods. Give our team of experts a call and we’ll get it off.

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