It’s common at many industrial properties, like warehouses and factories, that the external walls are left in a bare concrete or brick surface. As such properties usually have very long and expansive sections of external wall areas, leaving them bare can help save on construction costs.

However, this does create a very inviting, blank canvas for graffiti vandals and it’s common to find large areas of these walls covered in heavy graffiti where large murals have been painted.

This paint build up can often be 4 – 5 layers thick, making the job of removing the graffiti much more difficult as the heavy layers need to be removed before the concrete itself can be treated to clean away the paint staining.

In such locations, many property managers choose not to act on graffiti vandalism, usually because they feel that it is a waste of time as the vandals will most likely return and target the same area.

Many people are surprised to learn that when graffiti removal is conducted quickly, generally within 48 hours, graffiti vandals are less likely to return as they receive less exposure and validation for their work. When graffiti is removed soon after it has been applied, vandals quickly get discouraged knowing that their work will be gone almost immediately, and usually stop targeting the area.

When it comes to dealing with heavy graffiti build up on brick or concrete walls, at The Graffiti Eaters, we have developed a range of specialist cleaning solutions that allow our team of Technicians to treat and remove the toughest of graffiti paint.

By using a special blend of these treatment solutions, the product can be applied to vertical surfaces and left to dwell for the required amount of time so the graffiti paint can fully soften allowing it to be cleaned.

Once the outer build up has been removed, a final treatment process can be performed on the concrete surface to clear away any paint stains or shadowing, leaving the bare concrete looking clean and un-blemished.

As an additional step, we can also apply a suitable anti-graffiti protective coating to ensure that any future graffiti attacks can be cleaned with much less time and effort required to complete the work. These coatings also provide protection against dirt and grime stains, so the bare outer walls will stay looking like new for many years.

To find out more about our range of graffiti removal and protection services, give our customer service team a call.