Colorbond or powder coated finishes are a very commonly used materials in many commercial and residential building applications, as they are very durable and can last for many years being exposed to the elements.

As Colorbond is often used for areas like boundary fences and warehouse walls, these are frequently the target of graffiti vandalism.

Despite their durable nature against the harsh elements, the Colorbond finish on these surfaces is easily damaged by chemicals and solvents. So when it comes to cleaning graffiti from Colorbond, great care needs to be taken in the cleaning process, along with the correct cleaning solution.

Abrasive cleaning processes on these surfaces should be avoided at all costs!

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have our own range of specialised cleaning solutions that we have developed specifically for the cleaning of such surfaces.

Through the use of these, along with a hand cleaning process, we are able to treat and clean graffiti tags from surfaces like Colorbond with minimal or no damage to the original finish.

If the Colorbond finish is still in good condition, then in most cases the graffiti can be removed leaving no trace of the tags.

A crucial step in this cleaning process is to properly neutralise the surface after the graffiti cleaning has been completed. This will ensure that no active cleaning solution residue is left on the Colorbond finish which could potentially continue to eat away at the coating and eventually cause it to fail and the metal surface to rust.

So if you have graffiti on Colorbond at your property, call our customer service team and arrange for one of our technicians to come and take care of the clean up job for you.

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