In our over four-and-a-half decades in the graffiti removal industry, we’ve encountered a vast array of challenges, each requiring a unique approach and solution. Our team thrives on these challenges, setting up each site with meticulous care and swiftly eradicating graffiti to restore sites to their original condition. A recent project for the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria stands as a testament to our expertise and dedication.

The Towering Task at Hand

The CFA’s radio tower, a critical communication hub standing 16 meters tall, was defaced with graffiti from top to bottom. The vandals used black enamel spray paint, leaving thick run marks not only on the concrete pole but also on the galvanised brackets and fittings. Adding complexity to the task, the tower was perched above a Colorbond roof on the fire station, necessitating extreme caution to prevent any damage to the roofing material during the cleaning process.

Navigating Complexities with Precision

The project’s location presented a set of logistical challenges, including navigating site inclines and avoiding nearby power lines. To tackle this, we employed a large all-terrain tower lift, carefully chosen for its ability to manoeuvre through the site’s constraints.

Our team’s comprehensive approach included conducting thorough height risk assessments, securing the necessary permits, and selecting and hiring the appropriate access equipment. We ensured licensed operators were on site, monitored radiation risks, and took great care to protect the surrounding structures throughout the cleaning process.

A Specialist Approach to Graffiti Removal

Utilising our specialist graffiti cleaning solutions, our team employed a meticulous hand application and removal treatment process. This approach was carefully chosen to address the unique materials and surfaces involved, from the pole tower to the galvanised brackets and fittings.

The challenge was not merely removing the graffiti but doing so without leaving any shadows, chemical marks, or causing any damage to the adjacent structures, including the delicate Colorbond roofing. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail ensured that every trace of graffiti was removed, restoring the tower to its pristine original state.

The Result: A Testament to Expertise and Care

The project culminated in the complete restoration of the CFA’s radio tower, with the structure returned to its perfect, clean state, free of any graffiti remnants. The success of this operation was marked not only by the absence of damage to the surrounding structures but also by the flawless execution of the task without any onsite accidents.

This project highlights The Graffiti Eaters’ unparalleled capability to tackle even the most challenging graffiti removal tasks. Our comprehensive approach, combining expert risk management, specialist cleaning solutions, and meticulous operational planning, ensures that we consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. For the CFA and the community it serves, the restored radio tower stands as a beacon of resilience, unmarred by vandalism, thanks to the dedication and expertise of our team.