One of the main advantages of using an anti graffiti coating on brick surfaces, is that the external look of a building is maintained in its original state after application of the coating and after cleaning graffiti when it occurs.

Painting out graffiti on such walls, will permanently change the look of the building, and will require regular re-painting as new paint looks fresher and stands out for the first 12 months until it ages and gets dirty.

The photos here show an external stairwell on a unit block in Sydney, which faces a back laneway and is hidden from view. So it often gets targeting with graffiti.

A long life anti graffiti coating however protects the original paintwork so that when it does get graffiti on it, it’s a simple spray and wipe removal process.

After the Graffiti Eaters have been in, the building is back to looking clean, the building owner is in control of his building and the graffiti vandals have just wasted their time and paint with out receiving any recognition what so ever.

Just the way we like it!