We are proud to have commenced our graffiti removal company in Melbourne over 40 years ago.

Melbourne had long been crying out for a graffiti removal specialist, and pretty soon we were removing vandalism from railway stations and supermarket walls across the city.

To provide you with an urgent response, our technicians are located throughout Melbourne.

We work with a variety of small and large business owners, schools, local government, body corporates and homeowners to remove graffiti in a prompt and professional manner.

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Why Is Graffiti Removal Important?

Many people choose not to act on graffiti vandalism, as they do not have the necessary skills, equipment or knowledge to do so. However, we also come across those who feel that graffiti removal is a waste of time, as vandals will return.

This is far from the truth!

Many are surprised to learn that when graffiti removal is conducted quickly, generally within 48 hours, graffiti vandals are less likely to return as they receive less exposure and validation for their work – click here to see study

Doing nothing about graffiti will actually encourage further graffiti vandalism, which can affect you in many ways:

  • Creates a negative first impression for customers
  • Harmful to property value
  • More time and money to repair
  • Can lead to an increase in other anti-social behaviour throughout the area, such as shoplifting, gang-related activity and destruction of property – click here to see study

Why Seek An Expert To Perform Graffiti Removal?

Graffiti removal is a delicate process! When graffiti is sprayed onto your masonry walls like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite it penetrates and soaks deep into the surface, like ink into chalk. These surfaces can be damaged easily through incorrect chemical selection, harsh scrubbing, and high-pressure cleaning techniques.

This causes the surface the disintegrate, which can lead to issues with salt deposits, rising damp, premature brick crumbling, and in the worst circumstances, structural failure.

The only way to fix the wall at this point is to knock out the bricks and replace them!

Abrasive measures should be avoided at all costs! Graffiti removal is best conducted by identifying the right cleaning formulation to match the surface and the type of paint used to implement the graffiti.

Despite what some people say, there’s no one product which removes all types of graffiti. That’s why we carry 26 of them!

We use this formulation to break down the molecular structure of the graffiti and draw the substance to the surface, where it can be carefully removed.

The surface can then be cleaned with warm high-pressure cleaning and the waste-water and bi-product can be collected with a vacuum recovery system.

To reduce your liability and ensure safety, graffiti removal in public facing areas such as your front fence or shop window, requires pedestrian and/or traffic management.

This is where expertise is useful. Our technicians arrive at your property in custom designed surface restoration vehicles which carry the cleaning formulations, high-pressure cleaners, water boiler systems, wastewater recovery systems and traffic management equipment.









City of Casey

The City of Casey, in Melbourne’s south-east, is one of the many councils we are proud to work with.

We were approached by the City of Casey who was under pressure from local residents and business owners to act on the increasing graffiti vandalism in their municipality.

The council understood the importance of removing graffiti quickly in order to avoid further tagging. However, with many important projects, they found it difficult to perform the task in the timely manner it required.

Removing graffiti without causing damage to the underlying surface requires skills and experience, which not all employees had. With the commencement of their local graffiti removal hotline, they knew they needed a reliable and dependable solution.

Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy’s in Brunswick East was a classic example of what happens when you don’t act on graffiti quickly! It all started with one tag on the street facing external wall. No action was taken to remove it, which resulted in further acts of graffiti, which covered the external walls and car park fence.

Melbourne’s inner-north has long been targeted by graffiti vandals, however, property owners such as Dan Murphy’s are deterring graffiti vandals by demonstrating that graffiti will be removed immediately.

Retail Signage

Graffiti on signs and billboards is more than just an eyesore! It can hide valuable information from potential and demonstrate a lack of professionalism and care in your attitude to business. For reasons such as these, we respond to our client’s urgent calls to remove graffiti instantly.

Phil our representative in Sydenham and the surrounding North-West Melbourne suburbs ensures that retails signage for businesses such as Woolworths (as pictured above) remains clean and graffiti-free.

Plastic and vinyl signs are delicate surfaces which can be easily damaged from abrasive graffiti removal practices. For these reasons we carry 26 different cleaning formulations, to ensure we remove graffiti without causing damage.

Where necessary, we use scissor lifts to reach high signage and we are licensed to perform traffic and pedestrian management when obstructing a street, car park or footpath.

We can also treat and remove graffiti from surfaces like:

  • Bitumen
  • Paving
  • Cladding
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Vehicles
  • Trees
  • Rock
  • Shade Cloth
  • Mod Grass Tennis Courts

Why Trust The Graffiti Eaters?

Restoring the surface to its original condition, in a safe and timely manner is paramount for our clients.For that reason, our technicians undergo 12 months of training at our ‘University of Graffitiology’ to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and experience.

You are legally responsible for the contractors that you engage on your site. If they cause an accident or infringe regulations, they will get into trouble…. but so can you!

There are real risks associated with graffiti removal. Surface damage, wastewater pollution management, electrical risks, overspray, chemical handling, height work and pedestrian management.

Prior to commencing a job, you will receive a risk report documenting all hazards and the controls put in place. For your peace of mind, all work is covered by a $20 million dollar public liability insurance policy and all employees have work cover insurance.

For your protection, we are regularly audited by third-party auditors to ensure we meet the following ISO standards:

  • Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008
  • OH&S Management – ISO45001
  • Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004
  • Risk Management – ISO 31000:2009

As graffiti removal is often conducted in public facing areas, we abide by local government regulations and apply for permits where necessary. Our staff are licensed to perform traffic and pedestrian management.

For those who deal with graffiti vandalism on a regular basis, our graffiti removal technicians can recommend preventative measures such as a suitable anti-graffiti coating, so that future graffiti vandalism is less destructive and easier to remove.