Many people will have seen public bathroom facilities that have been heavily tagged by graffiti vandals. Such areas make for an easy target, particularly if they are open through the night.

Such vandalism can also occur in commercial property like service stations and fast food outlets.

With the variety of surfaces that can be effected in these rooms, effectively cleaning up the graffiti paint can be a tricky and time consuming process.

By using a company that specialises in graffiti removal through the use of specific cleaning solutions, it is possible to have the graffiti in these internal areas properly cleaned leaving behind no trace of the graffiti and without impact on the walls and other surfaces.

We have developed over 26 different specialists graffiti cleaning solutions which allow our trained technicians to perform efficient graffiti removal on almost any surface type, including painted walls.

Through careful application and close monitoring of chemical dwell time, graffiti paint can be broken down in stages, and gently cleaned off effected surfaces.

Neutralisation of the cleaning solutions used is always performed at the end of the clean up process to ensure no potential damage to the surfaces that have been treated.

Paint used on internal walls is often easily effected with cleaning solutions. So our team can prepare these areas for re-painting through the use of graffiti block out paints, and then apply an accurately colour matched paint over the area to have it looking new again.

We are available any time to assist with urgent graffiti cleaning jobs, so don’t hesitate to call our customer service team.

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