When it comes to graffiti removal, there are always lots of challenges thrown our way that present additional issues other than the graffiti cleaning process.

One of these we are regularly face with is graffiti removal in enclosed spaces like basement carparks.

Such areas often present the graffiti vandal all the elements they look for, like a smooth, bare surface, out of the way location and somewhere they can loiter while performing their tags or murals.

Performing graffiti removal on bare surfaces, like concrete, requires the use of specialist cleaning solutions and treatment processes to ensure the graffiti substance is fully drawn out of the affected substrate. This process often requires the use of pressure cleaning as the final step to wash away the graffiti and rinse off the cleaning solution.

However, it is not always possible to perform this process inside enclosed areas as there can be issues with things like limited drainage, electrical fittings and lights, smoke alarm sensors, as well as nearby personal property like cars and storage.

As we have a vast range of specialist graffiti cleaning solutions, our technicians can choose the best option for such jobs to ensure that both the graffiti substance is cleaned from the substrate, while limiting the impact on the internal space and personal health.

We also have special pressure cleaning attachments that allow for water flow and run-off to be strictly controlled. These fittings are usually attached directly to vacuum recovery systems that will suck up virtually all the wastewater and pump it into waste tanks or appropriate sewer drains.

So, despite the large amount of challenging situations that our team are regularly faced with, we can always find an appropriate solution to ensure the best graffiti removal result possible.