Graffiti vandals often seek the thrill of painting in hard-to-reach places, not realising the risk they pose to themselves and the complexity they add to the cleanup process.

This thrill-seeking can lead to treacherously positioned graffiti, complicating its removal and potentially endangering the cleanup crew.

Fortunately, The Graffiti Eaters’ team is fully insured and boasts a quality assurance and work at heights certification. Our technicians are specially trained and licensed to operate elevated work platforms, allowing us to tackle jobs at great heights, including graffiti and stain removal, sealer applications, protective anti-graffiti coatings, and even skylight cleaning.

Our approach to these tasks ensures that we can thoroughly remove marks and stains from various surfaces, such as brick, concrete, sandstone, and granite. Each surface receives a meticulously clean finish, treated with the appropriate cleaning solutions and processes tailored to the specific job at hand.

Our technicians are equipped with specially designed surface restoration vehicles, complete with the latest in pressure cleaning technology—including hot water boiler systems, wastewater recovery units, and traffic management tools.

The focus of our team is not just to restore surfaces to their pristine state, but to do so safely and efficiently. This commitment to excellence and timeliness is at the core of the service we provide to our clients.

For expert assistance in graffiti and stain removal at your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team.