Graffiti vandalism can and does impact a wide range of property areas and surface types, ranging from bare substrates like concrete and brick, to decorative finishes like timber and Colorbond facades.

Add to this the fact that a wide variety of substances are used by graffiti vandals, and the job of effectively cleaning graffiti from a given surface becomes more challenging.

While you can be lucky in some cases, where the graffiti substance used is easily removed using an off the shelf cleaning product which doesn’t cause any damage to the surface being cleaned. It is more likely that the graffiti will be tough to completely remove and if attempts to clean all traces of the graffiti include the use of strong chemicals or hash cleaning methods, the result is often damage to the finish of the area, leaving permanent scarring of the surface.

For example, some of the common damage we see from incorrect graffiti removal attempts are chemical burn, bleach and etched surfaces, pressure cleaning damage to mortar joints and soft stone, water entering the building damaging stock, carpets and floors, and abrasive cleaning techniques that permanently pit hard substrates like bricks and concrete.

All these will usually result in costly repair work that is way more expensive than engaging an accredited graffiti removal company to take care of the graffiti cleaning in the first instance.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we are often called in to perform graffiti removal after cleaners or other contractors have attempted to remove graffiti. In many cases, they may have been able to clean away some amount of the graffiti substance, like in the example photo here. However, more often than not, this attempt actually makes the area look worse and the remaining graffiti shadow more difficult to remove.

Additionally, if they have been lucky, there may have been no damage to the surface of the area affected, but often we find that the substrate has been impacted and some amount of permanent scarring caused.

So, when it comes to graffiti removal, be careful who you engage and who you trust to work on your valuable property. You could end up with more problems than you started with!

Our team of highly skilled and trained technicians have the experience and knowledge of what treatment processes to use on any surface in order to extract the graffiti substance without impacting on the finish being cleaned.

To get graffiti removal done right the first time, give our customer service team a call.