Red brick work is a very common sight in many of the older areas of our cities, as it was heavily used in the construction of many buildings and homes.

While these walls are standing the test of time, the clay substrate that these are made from can be easily damaged if they are not treated correctly. This is particularly true in the event of graffiti removal.

Most of the graffiti removal jobs we see involve removing graffiti that has been mindlessly sprayed on the side of a brick wall that faces out to a street.

Many property owners will attempt to scrub or pressure clean the graffiti off and we have seen the result of such attempts where people have tried to remove graffiti by force, but as red bricks are more delicate than most people realise, they can easily be damaged!

Another common mistake that property owners make is using chemical bleach in an attempt to clean graffiti. This method can remove some of the graffiti tag, however it usually leaves a chalky looking white stain on the red brick work, which will often become a permanent stain.

Using harsh or incorrect graffiti removal treatments can open up the pores of clay or concrete bricks leaving them vulnerable to moisture absorption which in turn can cause rising damp issues.

This can lead to bricks needing to be replaced due to them becoming soft and crumbling as a result of damage caused by inexperienced cleaning attempts.

Our highly trained Technicians can take care of both your property and the graffiti removal ensuring that no damage is caused to your brickwork.

We also recommend the application of a suitable anti-graffiti coating, to help ensure that any repeat attacks are much easier to clean.

There are a range of coating options available which can not only protect the surface from graffiti, but also lock out moisture and are barely visible once applied.

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