Many homes located in inner city areas have external walls that face directly onto public areas like footpaths and roadways. And its common for these walls to be made from bare brick, cement, render or even wood paneling.

Unfortunately, these walls can become an easy target for graffiti vandalism, leaving the home owner with the need to take care of the removal process.

When it comes to cleaning graffiti from bare surfaces like brick and cement, the process and cleaning solution to use can vary greatly. This can be determined by things like the type of paint used for the graffiti, the range of surfaces effected and if any of the areas have a protective coating or anti-graffiti coating.

As a result, attempts to clean graffiti can often lead to a bigger mess and a more costly job.

The best option is to have a professional graffiti removal company look at the area and provide the correct service to avoid any mishaps that can make things worse.

Our technicians have many years experience providing graffiti removal services and can take care of your property, and have it looking clean again.

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