With graffiti vandalism being more of a problem in our neighbourhoods than ever, along with an ever-increasing array of substances used by graffiti vandals to perform these attacks, it has never been more important for property owners to look at ways of protecting their assets against any potential graffiti.

Fortunately, there has also been a lot of development in surface sealers and anti-graffiti coatings over the last decade, which means there is a greater choice of products available for this use and the ability to use a product that is more suitable for any specific substrate or surface type.

Many of these coatings also offer protection for environmental elements, moisture damage, pollution and stains, meaning that exterior building areas can be kept looking good and clean much easier.

Protecting bare surfaces like bricks is just one example of a substrate that can be very difficult to clean in the event of graffiti vandalism or staining.

As many such bare substrates are very porous, they will quickly absorb any contaminant that comes into contact with it, often resulting in a stain that is incredibly difficult to remove.

Another big advantage of using a surface sealer or anti-graffiti coating on bare surfaces like brick, is that the external look and finish of the substrate is maintained in its original state after application of the sealer or coating, whilst blocking out contaminates and allowing for easy cleaning.

Many of the coating products available for these surfaces will also protect them against moisture penetration, which can cause problems like efflorescence or salt damage. This will help the substrate to not only stay looking great, but also ensure it will last longer by preventing any moisture from soaking deep inside the porous substrate and weakening it from the inside out.

When it comes time to clean a surface that has a sealer or anti-graffiti coating applied to it, the cleaning process becomes much easier. This also has the benefit of reducing the cost of these cleaning services and ensures a great result every time.

We can provide the full service of surface treatment, cleaning, preparation and coating application. Each of our Technicians are trained on each sealer product and surface type, allowing them to give you the best advice on what products to consider.

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