Graffiti tags can occur on a wide range of surfaces and in all sorts of locations.

Many of the graffiti removal jobs we get called out to are sites where other people have had a go at cleaning off the graffiti only to have made the problem worse.

In this example, a large graffiti tag was put on a brick wall on the roof area of a commercial property. Another company had already tried to clean the graffiti from these bricks, but unfortunately they didn’t use the correct type of cleaning solution and as you can see by the result in this photo, they have left a mess on the brick that is almost as bad as the original graffiti.

To make things worse, this contractor then painted the mortar between the bricks a brown colour in an effort to hide the graffiti they couldn’t remove.

All this left the whole wall in a bad state which we were then called in to clean.

As there are many types of brick surfaces, and a lot of different types of paint used for graffiti, it is crucial to know what you are dealing with so the correct cleaning solution can be used in order to avoid a costly mess.

Our technicians are trained in these processes, and carry a large selection of cleaning solutions which allow us to correctly deal with graffiti removal the first time.