Graffiti on commercial property, particularly retail, has a very high potential to impact on your business.

If graffiti tags are not removed, customers and visitors to the site will see this as a sign that vandals and criminals are active in the area, which will hurt your business image.

It also has the potential to encourage other graffiti vandals to target the site and add more graffiti, which often sees the problem spiral out of control.

Research shows that if a retail centre is in a state of untidiness, it will result in a loss of customers. Up to 95% of shoppers consider the exterior appearance of a facility to be of importance when choosing a retail store, with over 50% of people avoiding a business due to the outside being affected by graffiti or vandalism.

For this reason, it is very important to act quickly in the event of a graffiti attack, and one of the best ways for retail centres and commercial facilities to do this is through a maintenance agreement.

With an ongoing maintenance agreement in place, it allows the property manager to easily pass on the responsibility for taking care of the graffiti removal job, which lowers the cost of the job and ensures that issues are dealt with quickly.

When you only react to such vandalism as it happens, it will usually result in a more costly removal process as it will be charged as a one-off job.

Also, by having a maintenance agreement in place, it allows for systems to be put in place so that when a technician visits the site to perform work, they are already up to speed with site inductions and safety processes. This allows the work to be performed in a much more efficient way with minimal impact on the business and its customers.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we provide ongoing work through such agreements for some of Australia’s largest corporate businesses.

Our team of Technicians all complete the required site inductions and certification annually so that they are ready to attend any site and complete work the instant a job is reported to our customer service centre.

In addition to this, we provide further peace of mind by through:

  • Providing a site risk assessment before commencing each job
  • Arriving at each job equipped with MSDS registers, chemical spill kits and fire extinguishers
  • Technicians are trained and provide equipment to safely manage traffic and pedestrians
  • OH&S Management AS/NZS 4801
  • Quality Management ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management ISO 14001
  • Risk Management ISO 31000

To find out more about how we can help look after your property, contact our customer service team today.