Sports clubs have long been an integral part of our Australian culture, with some local facilities having been in operation for many decades.

As a result, some of these facilities that were once located on the outskirts of suburban areas, now find themselves deeply nested inside a bustling residential location.

While in many instances, this has been good for the clubs, and has helped boost members and the range of activities the clubs can provide. They often become a target for late night graffiti vandals that hang around the area or come in from nearby homes.

A common problem that our technicians see when attending graffiti removal jobs at these sites, as well as other facilities like schools and retail centres, is that there is a wide range of surfaces that have been defaced by the graffiti vandals.

Like you can see in the photo here, graffiti has been applied across a garage door, painted bathroom door, as well as bare brick walls. So, in order to achieve a good graffiti cleaning result here, a number of different graffiti removal methods and treatment processes need to be used.

Graffiti Removal

When treating graffiti on bare surfaces like bricks or concrete, it is important to use a specialist cleaning solution which is designed for the graffiti substance that needs to be removed. As there are many different types of substances used by graffiti vandals, our team of expert technicians can identify what has been used when they attend a site and then select the right cleaning solution for the job at hand.

Through the correct application of the selected cleaning product, solution dwell time and removal process, an excellent graffiti removal result can be achieved.

Other surfaces like power coated or Colorbond finishes can also be cleaned using specialist solutions that our team carry, and again the correct treatment and clean-up process will ensure a great result.

With painted surfaces that have had graffiti applied, it is often necessary to repaint them in order to cover up the graffiti. However, in most cases, simply painting over the graffiti will not provide a great result, as the graffiti substance will often bleed through the new paint.

Our process is usually to treat and remove the graffiti as the first step or use a block out coat to cover the graffiti and prevent bleed through. Then we use a properly colour matched paint to repaint the entire area, as this ensures that no messy looking patches are left and a fully colour matched finish is completed.

So, for expert graffiti removal every time, give our customer service team a call to arrange for one of our technicians to attend your site.