Private and public schools invest a lot of time and money into providing quality and creative environments for our children to learn and grow.

Unfortunately, our schools often make an easy target for graffiti vandals which can result in large areas of school property being targeted and vandalised.

Such graffiti vandalism can result in some very in-appropriate tags being left on the school and has the potential to upset students and bring down the image of the school.

Such attacks can leave the school in a real mess, so it is vital that the graffiti cleaning is correctly done the first time to ensure that all traces of the graffiti are removed, but also no damage is done to the areas of property being cleaned.

The types of surfaces that can be affected are often broad, making the graffiti removal process a real challenge.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our team have looked after school and university property and provided graffiti removal across Australia for over 45 years. All our technicians are highly trained to deal with any type of graffiti vandalism on a wide range of surfaces and substrates.

This means our team can attend the site, quickly and efficiently look after the clean-up of graffiti attacks, leaving little or no sign that there was ever any graffiti on the school property.

Additionally, we conduct careful screening of all our team members and only employ people who are able to hold a blue card and pass our stringent interviews and thorough reference checks.

If your school or university has an issue with graffiti or even accidental paint mess, give our customer support team a call and we’ll get your school looking spotless again in no time.