There are many sites around Australian cities that are listed as national heritage sites and are of great value to our communities and history.

A lot of these sites are also closed to public access, due to the age of the buildings or the nature of the surrounding environment of the site.

Unfortunately, graffiti vandals don’t see the same value in the heritage of these locations, and as a result they are quite often targeted for heavy graffiti attacks.

Due to the age of these properties, and the condition of their structure, cleaning graffiti from these takes great care and a lot of experience in order to complete the work without causing damage to the effected areas.

For example, the bricks and mortar in walls that may be well over 100 years old, would be very porous and potentially fragile. So the use of the correct specialist cleaning solution and delicate removal process is vital.

As Australia’s first graffiti removal company, we have performed graffiti cleaning on many of these sites in the last 40 + years.

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in all areas of treating and removing graffiti from a wide range of substrates.

If you need help with graffiti removal from your property, call our customer support team to discuss you needs.