Graffiti vandals seem to like the challenge of tagging property in some very difficult to access places.

An unfortunate byproduct of this is that they not only put themselves in danger for the sake of a graffiti tag, but in many cases leave behind a very difficult to access area making the graffiti removal process a challenge.

As a fully insured and quality assured company, The Graffiti Eaters technicians are all licensed to operate elevated work platforms and work at heights.

This allows us to perform jobs at height like graffiti removal, stain removal, sealer application, anti-graffiti coatings and solar panel cleaning.

By performing this treatment processes in this way, we can properly clean away marks and stains on surfaces like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite.

The end result is a fully clean surface that has been treated with the correct cleaning solution and treatment process for the job.

Our technicians use custom designed surface restoration vehicles which carry these cleaning formulas along with high-pressure cleaners, water boiler systems, wastewater recovery systems and traffic management equipment.

Not only restoring the effected surface back to its original condition is our teams focus, but doing so in a safe and timely manner is paramount and a key service we provide for our clients.

Speak to our expert graffiti and stain removal team for help at your property.