Graffiti is not only limited to spray paint on walls, but surfaces like glass are also being more frequently targeted by graffiti vandals where they scratch the glass leaving un-repairable damage.

By protecting glass with an anti-graffiti film you can avoid the need for costly window replacement when such an attack happens.

Anti-graffiti window film protection can save thousands in glass replacement costs.

This protection film prevents the surface of the glass from being damaged by scratches and can be easily removed and replaced as required leaving the glass looking like new.

Anti-graffiti glass film can also offer the additional bonus of improving energy efficiency as it helps to block out heat.

It also provides a high tensile barrier on the glass surface which can help to stop the window from shattering in the event of impact that would break the glass.

If you have windows or glass surfaces that you would like to protect, speak to our customer service centre for more information.