In the city of Ann Arbour in Michigan, an artistic approach is being taken to address graffiti vandalism (see full article here). Buildings in the community were repeatedly being tagged and the locals were left frustrated and out-of-pocket.

However local artist Rebecca Arends came up with a solution that would put an end to the constant vandalism while adding colour and charisma to the community.

Rebecca found an artist in New York who specialised in creating natural imagery with stencils, where she was able to source stencils of trees, birds and other peaceful, natural objects.

With the permission of building owners, Rebecca was able to provide the community walls with a fresh coat of paint and use the stencils to create stunning murals of magnolia trees and pink flowers, spanning the full length and width of the surfaces.

The artwork has produced fantastic results, with seven of the ten walls remaining untouched after the murals were added. The three walls that did receive graffiti still received far less graffiti than before the murals were implemented.

To add longevity to wall art, a long life graffiti coating should be implemented afterwards to protect the mural from UV light, dirt and grime, and make the odd instance of graffiti easier to remove.

Ann Arbor has taken a firm stance to wiping out graffiti vandalism. Juvenile’s who are caught are forced to join the cities graffiti removal program.

If graffiti vandalism occurs on private property and is not acted upon, the council will issue a seven-day warning, and if it is not removed in this time, the council will remove it and bill the property owner.

Is graffiti an ongoing problem for your business or place of residence? Contact the Graffiti Eaters to find out which graffiti removal and graffiti prevention strategies would work best for you.