Graffiti vandalism has long been a problem for our communities and there are a number of social elements that contribute to this behaviour.

Fortunately, there are a range of graffiti prevention measures that can be implemented by councils, commercial property owners, and private home owners to help reduce opportunities for offenders and discourage vandalism.

Successful reduction of graffiti attacks primarily requires action to reduce the opportunity for such vandalism and to deter the ‘risks and reward’ element for graffiti offenders.

By maximising the risks to offenders and minimising the rewards, it is possible to discourage offenders and reduce graffiti attacks.

In addition to these efforts, quick removal of graffiti tags usually tends to discourage further attacks.

Graffiti is also usually much easier to remove soon after it has been applied, and the cleaning result is nearly always much better.

Some of the graffiti prevention measures that councils and property owners can use include:

  • education to help raise people’s awareness of the impacts of illegal graffiti and the consequences of engaging in vandalism
  • support for community groups interested in addressing graffiti vandalism
  • planting trees or other vegetation to make it more difficult to access targeted areas
  • use of anti-graffiti coatings to make removal easier
  • apply murals to deter offenders and improve streetscapes
  • implement a maintenance agreement for regular graffiti checks and quick removal

In most cases, by being more proactive in addressing the problem, implementing quick removal strategies, and making it more difficult for graffiti vandalism to be performed, the end result will be a greater reduction in the number and severity of graffiti placed on to the property.

As Australia’s leading graffiti removal company The Graffiti Eaters can assist property owners and councils to create and implement such strategies.

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