Regaining control from Graffiti Vandals is much easier once you manage the problem.

The best step you can take to stopping graffiti vandals from targeting your property is fast removal of graffiti when it happens.

Graffiti Vandals only do it for recognition amongst their peers, so if you take this away by removing tags as they appear, you take away their motivation.

It has become more difficult for young vandals to access spray paint cans, therefore they don’t like to waste it on sites where their graffiti tag is removed quickly and won’t be on display for a long period.

By removing graffiti with in 48 hours, it not only reduces the frequency of it coming back, it makes it quicker and easier to remove because the paint doesn’t have a chance to harden in the sun.

Quicker removal means cheaper removal!

Our advice is – don’t wait for graffiti to build up, remove it within 48 hrs and statistics show, you will be ahead in the long run and win the battle against vandals.

The Graffiti Eaters have 4 decades of experience in removing and managing graffiti vandalism. With custom built equipment, full insurance, OH&S compliance and Quality certification, every angle is covered and you are in the best hands possible.