Advertising Posters, or Bill Posters, are a common sight around inner-city areas, and are often glued to building walls, fences and streetlight poles in areas of high visibility.

It’s common to see a large number of these posters on such areas left by a range of different people. As a result, there can soon be a thick build-up of posters covering an entire area.

Like all forms of graffiti, this is a real eye-sore, and in most cases illegal. However, the bigger problem caused by this is how to clean them off.

As these posters are stuck to surfaces with a strong and quick drying glue, attempts to scrape or tear away the poster is usually futile. Because Bill Posters are out in the open and exposed to the elements, the glue used to stick them to surfaces is very strong and dries hard.

This problem is compounded when multiple posters are stuck on top of each other, eventually leaving a build-up that is many layers thick. Each layer has a coating of glue, so there is now a very solid build up coating the surface.

Fortunately, our team of Technicians are equipped to deal with such problematic jobs and have a special treatment process that can break down the glue where it can be cleaned off the area, often through the use of super-heated pressure cleaning.

However, treating and removing Bill Posters is just half of the job, as the paper from these creates a lot of waste material that needs to be properly managed during the cleaning process and then removed from site.

Our team are just as concerned about the environment as anyone, and always perform these jobs in accordance with environmental standards. We take great care to ensure that no waste enters any storm water drains, and that all material is collected and properly disposed of off-site.

So trust the team that has over 44 years experience nationally, and speak to our customer service team about any graffiti issues you have at your property.