There are many types and sizes of utility boxes that can be found around our cities and towns, ranging from small wall mounted units that house switches, to large ground mounted cabinets that can be the size of a small truck.

As utility boxes are commonly located in and around commercial and residential areas, they often become a target for graffiti vandalism, usually resulting in the whole cabinet being covered in graffiti.

Many of these cabinets are used in the supply of electrical, internet or communication services, and are constructed with air vents to allow for cooling of internal systems. Therefore, it is necessary to use a graffiti cleaning process that does not use large volumes of water or pressure cleaning.

Additionally, as they are usually constructed with powder coated panels, care needs to be taken with the type of cleaning solution used, as solvents can easily soften and damage the finish.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our process for cleaning graffiti off utility cabinets is to use a hand cleaning process with our range of specialist cleaning solutions. We have a wide selection of different solution types and strengths, so our technicians can choose the right treatment product for the affected surface, and gently clean away the graffiti substance without damaging the powder coated finish.

When the graffiti removal job is completed, a neutralising solution is use over the cleaned area to ensure all substances are rendered inactive, which also ensures no accidental damage is caused to the cabinet structure or finish.