Shade cloth or mesh can often be used on property fences and construction boundaries to provide a barrier that limits visibility into the enclosed area and helps suppress dust.

However, like many other forms of fence or hoarding, these are popular targets for graffiti vandalism. As this type of mesh barrier is often used on fences at coming soon property developments, such graffiti vandalism is not a good look for the area as it can greatly impact on the public perception of the location and potentially effect the development’s sales.

Depending on the type and quality of the mesh used, it is often possible to clean graffiti tags from this material.

With the use of a suitable cleaning solution that is delicate on the mesh but still strong enough to soften the paint, followed by rinse procedure that allows the paint to be washed off the material, our technicians can usually achieve a very good graffiti removal result.

This process is also quicker and much more cost effective than replacing the mesh panel.

As our specially designed surface restoration vehicles carry onboard their own water supply, our team has the ability to perform this type of graffiti cleaning work in locations that do not have access to water or electricity, which is often the case as un-developed property sites.

This process also works on other forms of stains that can affect shade cloth, like mould and grime.

So when you need to protect your image, give our team a call.