Our public transport systems provides a valuable service to the community right around Australia. Unfortunately, they are too often the target of senseless graffiti vandalism that not only leaves a big mess and ruins the look of the equipment, but it can also make people that use the services feel uncomfortable and nervous about their safety.

As with all graffiti attacks, the best form of deterrent is quick action and removal of the paint. However, the cleaning process can be a painstaking and complicated one due to the varying surface types often effected.

This can also mean the end result may not see a very successful cleaning job with things like damage to the finish on the vehicle or shadowing of the graffiti tags still visible.

These issues can be avoided however, through the use of correct specialist cleaning solutions and processes for each unique tag and surface type on an individual basis.

From painted finishes and plastic coated materials, to aluminium window frames and metal surfaces, each surface has unique properties that need to be taken into consideration when planning on which cleaning solution to use and what process best suits the type of graffiti that requires removal.

For example, certain types of metal may seem easy to clean as they are often used in a raw finish that is resistant to corrosion or stains. What many people don’t realise is that if an unsuitable cleaning solution is use on some of these materials, this can create problems like discolouration of the metal surface, or corrosion due to a chemical reaction to the cleaning solution used.

We train all our Technicians in the unique properties of each metal surface and what cleaning solutions can be used to effectively remove graffiti without causing additional damage to the surface.

This training extends to the wide variety of coatings and finishes that are used on vehicles and property, so when a Technician arrives on site to assess the job they can instantly see what is required to perform the work and choose from the wide range of cleaning solutions they have in their surface restoration vehicle and get right to work.

Every one of our team takes great pride in their work and the results they can provide to clients, so if you need assistance with graffiti removal, give our team a call and we’ll be on site in no time and before you know it the graffiti well be gone.