There are many building areas at commercial properties that are often targeted by graffiti vandals, with many different surfaces and substrate types being impacted by graffiti substances. As a result, the graffiti removal process at a single location can become quite complex, requiring the use of a range of specialist cleaning solutions and treatment processes to efficiently remove the graffiti without causing damage to the surfaces being cleaned.

The example shown here is a Perspex commercial roller door that had extensive and very old graffiti, which covered almost the entire surface area of the door.

As a result, the image of the business had been heavily impacted and did not look very inviting to customers as they arrived at the store.

While it is a durable material, Perspex requires delicate cleaning as the surface can easily be affected by solvent-based cleaning products, which can soften the material and often cause the surface to become hazy.

This job was also made more complex due to the corrugated nature of the Perspex paneling, so attention to detail was required in order to treat and remove all of the graffiti substance from the door’s surface.

To minimise any disruption to the business, our team performed the graffiti removal after hours while the store was closed. The removal process was performed using a number of our specialist graffiti cleaning solutions that are designed to be used via hand application. This treatment process allows delicate surfaces like this to be thoroughly cleaned without causing damage to the finish.

The end result saw the Perspex roller door restored to its original condition, and the image of the store was once again looking its best.

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