Fences that run along the border of a property, and also face out vacant land, are often targeted by graffiti vandals as it presents a large, blank canvas for them to tag.

Such fence lines can often span long lengths, in some cases over 100 metres, and we regularly see locations where the entire length of the fence has been covered in heavy graffiti, like one in the photo here.

In most cases, these fences are constructed from Colorbond as it is a strong and durable material that will last for many years. As there is a large range of colours available in this material, it also allows property owners and developers to select a colour that fits the building, location or even the company brand.

While Colorbond is a strong finish when new, cleaning graffiti from this surface material requires special care as the finish can be easily and permanently damaged if the wrong type of chemical or solvent is used.

Additionally, some cleaning solutions will cause the metal panels to corrode, so it is vital that care is taken to only use suitable cleaning solutions and properly neutralise the surface when the cleaning process has been completed.

The age of the Colorbond finish and condition of the surface can also impact the cleaning process and vary the result greatly.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we use our specially developed range of cleaning solutions and hand cleaning techniques that allow our team of Technicians to treat and clean graffiti on a Colorbond fence with minimal impact to the surface.

Our cleaning solutions also help with oxidisation of a Colorbond surface and often the colour will look much more vibrant after the graffiti cleaning process has been completed.

In some cases, the graffiti build up can simply be too heavy to clean off without damaging the Colorbond finish. In this situation, it is best to strip off the heavy graffiti, prepare the fence panels and re-paint them with accurately colour matched paint suitable for the fence application.

Our team of Technicians are trained and fully equipped to perform this work on large scale jobs and can ensure that the colour of the finish is as close as possible to the original Colorbond.

So if our team find that the graffiti can’t be removed effectively, we can provide the full re-finishing process to give the best result.

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