Having graffiti tags on your property is never a nice thing to experience and having to deal with the removal can create many problems for the owner.

Cleaning graffiti on most surfaces requires the use of specialist cleaning solutions and techniques in order to get the best results, however there are some situations where the affected area can be very difficult to clean and easily damaged.

A good example of this is graffiti tags on a brush fence, like the one shown here.

It’s very common to see graffiti tags on a flat, smooth wall surface, and these are generally a straightforward cleaning process.

This brush fence is anything but a smooth surface, as it is made up of bundles of thin twigs, it is very difficult to simply apply a cleaning solution and wash away the graffiti substance. Additionally, the twigs are usually very dry and brittle, meaning that they can be easily broken if a harsh cleaning process is used.

Fortunately, we have dealt with cleaning graffiti from brush fences many times and have developed a treatment and cleaning process that allows our technicians to efficiently remove the graffiti without causing damage to the fence.

By applying one of our cleaning solutions over the affected area and washing down with hot water through low pressure cleaning, we can take care of graffiti tags on these fence structures to get them looking good.

When it comes to graffiti removal, you can always rely on our team at The Graffiti Eaters to deliver great results and a speedy service.