With many different types of property and homes in our suburban areas, there are a vast array of walls, fences and features that help make them all unique.

Unfortunately, graffiti vandals won’t hesitate to leave their mark on private property and in many cases this can cause a real problem when it comes to the clean up process.

In this example shown here, a large section of brush fence and wooden gate was hit with heavy spray paint, seemingly as the offender walked down the street.

The owner of this property initially thought that there would be no way to treat and clean the graffiti from the section of brush fence, due to the nature of the material used in its construction.

Being made from many strands of dry wooden sticks that are tightly woven together, trying to clean graffiti from such a surface can seem an impossible task. Couple this with the brittle nature of the dry sticks and its not difficult to imagen how hard this process could be to get done.

However, at The Graffiti Eaters we have developed a wide range of specialist cleaning solutions that allow us to treat and clean graffiti from almost any surface.

As a result, our trained Technicians were able to not only provided the client with a great graffiti removal result on such a tricky job, but also complete the work in a very efficient manner.

So if your property suffers a graffiti attack, don’t despair, give our expert team a call and we’ll take care of the clean up process quickly and professionally.

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