Image is very important for a business, whether it’s your shopfront, office building, the employees and even your vehicles. At times, vehicles are targets of vandalism and need to be taken off the road to be repaired or cleaned up, costing you money in lost business. Because of the urgency of getting your business vehicle back on the road, we have developed a fast response service for which our custom designed Surface restoration Vehicles play an important part.

When removing graffiti from vehicles, care must be taken to remove the graffiti without causing damage to the paint. Vehicle paint is not there simple for aesthetic reasons, it plays an important role in protecting your vehicle from rust. Piercing the paintwork by a single millimeter will allow moisture to sink beneath the paint which can cause it to flake off and allow the metal to rust, impacting the re-sale value of the vehicle as well as potentially reducing its useful life.

If you have become the unfortunate victim of graffiti vandalism, contact the Graffiti Eaters.