English and German artists join forces to paint remarkable graffiti mural in tribute to WWI Christmas Day Truce

German and English artists have come together to create graffiti art murals commemorating the 1914 Christmas Truce during the First World War.
The three artists took inspiration from the famous event that took place 100 years ago – when troops from both sides emerged from the trenches and met in ‘no man’s land’ in Flanders Fields to exchange gifts and play football.

The London art event, which took place this week, saw two UK-based artists and one German-based artist paint a huge graffiti mural in their own inimitable styles to remove graffiti vandalism and replace it with memorial artwork on the existing site.

British artists Zadok and Ninth Seal and German artist Sokar Uno collaborated to produce the work as a tribute to the historic event but the mural is now also working to prevent graffiti vandals from coming back to deface the wall.
A similar project is being created in Berlin, where a huge canvas artwork by other renowned graffiti artists was also put on display in the centre of Berlin on 16th December.