The Graffiti Eaters has won an award at the Exponential Programs Internet Marketing Bootcamp.

The Exponential Idol Award was presented by Dr Marc Dussault in Sydney and is for the state of the art high level design and implementation of cloud computing to stream line business functions and reduce operating expenditure. The Graffiti Eaters system which combines three cloud based technologies to provide a truley paperless job management system for Field Technicians is considered the most advanced being used by an Australian company.

The system provides the following client benefits:

In-truck tablet PCs that enable graffiti removal technicians to view client maps and job photographs live over the web ensuring a more accurate and efficient service delivery.
Integrated cloud-based job management solutions that have reduced quote response times to clients by as much as 50%!
Online customer portal that enables them to see job status, invoices, before and after job photos and OH&S risk assessments live 24 hrs a day reducing client contractor administration time.
In-truck company intranet portal for team member communication that has bolstered morale and allowed faster onsite support, reducing time on site, which is a much appreciated cost reduction for clients.
The system also allows a level of marketing integration for Field Technicians to demonstrate live on site examples and videos of previous jobs completed to prospective new clients.

Let us show you why the Graffiti Eaters is the best in our industry, not only do we have over 37 years of experience, but we strive for continued excellence and innovation in our processes so you can be guaranteed the best results possible.