The team at Graffiti Eaters recently embarked on a particularly demanding project, which involved applying an anti-graffiti coating to a bridge that spanned over an urban waterway. This task presented a unique set of challenges and required meticulous planning and execution.

The local council had specifically requested a durable anti-graffiti coating for the bridge. The aim was to safeguard the external concrete beam sections of the structure not only from potential graffiti but also from environmental elements like dirt and pollution. This proactive measure was essential in maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the bridge in a busy urban setting.

One of the significant challenges in this project stemmed from the bridge’s construction method. The anti-graffiti coating needed to be applied post-construction, which meant that all preparation and application processes had to be carried out above the canal’s water. This unusual work environment necessitated a highly specialised approach.

Our team devised a customised application method, taking into consideration several critical factors:

Surface Penetration: Ensuring that the coating was applied effectively for optimal surface penetration was paramount. This required precise preparation of the concrete surfaces to ensure that the coating adhered properly and provided long-lasting protection.

Curing Near Salt Water: The proximity to salt water presented unique challenges for the coating’s curing process. We had to select a product that could cure effectively in such an environment without compromising its protective qualities.

Environmental Considerations: Working above a waterway meant that we had to be extremely cautious about environmental contamination. Special care was taken to prevent any contaminants or overspray from entering the water, adhering to stringent environmental protection standards.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S): Safety was a top priority, especially given the complexities of working over water. We implemented rigorous safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our team throughout the project.

Access and Efficiency: Accessing the site with vehicles, equipment, and materials posed its own set of challenges. We had to plan meticulously to ensure that all resources were transported safely and efficiently to the site, keeping in mind the objective of completing the job cost-effectively for our client.

To facilitate the coating application, we employed a floating barge equipped with a mobile scaffold. The team used harnesses and life jackets to ensure safety while gaining the necessary access to the bridge. This setup allowed us to work effectively while fully complying with safety regulations and achieving a high-quality result.

Thanks to the adept management of our onsite team, we successfully completed the project ahead of schedule and within the allocated budget. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering efficient, high-quality solutions, even in the face of complex and challenging scenarios.