The Ivanhoe Town Hall in Victoria is an architectural masterpiece including amazing large brass entrance doors. As great as the doors look, they were driving maintenance crews up the wall trying to keep them looking shiny and stop them tarnishing.

A long term solution was created by The Graffiti Eaters’ research and development team which involved coating the doors with a quality, clear anti-graffiti coating. The coating system provides barrier protection, preventing exposure of the brass to air which caused the tarnishing.

Not only has the tarnishing stopped, but the doors are also easier to keep clean of graffiti, dirt and grime. The anti-graffiti coating applied by The Graffiti Eaters has saved the maintenance crew hours of work a month and thousands of dollars cost per year.

If you have a maintenance task you would like to eliminate, then the Graffiti Eaters may have a coating solution for the task. Give us a call on 1300 305 307 to discuss your coating challenge!