Concrete is used extensively in the construction of buildings and infrastructure throughout our communities as it is strong, durable and a very cost-effective way to create all kinds of structures.

It is also common to see the concrete left in its natural, bare state, which has many benefits, but can also create some problems when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

Cement in its bare state is very porous and will easily absorb moisture and substances that come into contact with its surface, often resulting in stains. It is also an attractive target for graffiti vandals, as the bare surface provides a hard to resist blank canvas.

The substances used for graffiti tags will also quickly absorb into the cement, which makes the task of cleaning the graffiti quite difficult. While pressure cleaning may remove some of the substance off the concrete surface, the portion that has penetrated into the substrate will not easily wash away, and usually requires the use of a specialist graffiti cleaning solution in order to fully extract it from within the concrete.

Due to the variety of substances used by graffiti vandals to tag surfaces, it is important that the correct cleaning solution and treatment process is used in order to fully remove the graffiti.

For example, the product used to treat and clean spray paint graffiti will be different to what is required to clean permanent marker tags. This is further complicated when you consider the age of the graffiti and the surface they have been applied too.

With over 45 years’ experience in graffiti removal nationwide, our team of highly trained technicians know which cleaning solution to use on any surface type and graffiti substance combination. This experience and knowledge means there is no guess work when it comes to taking care of graffiti at any property, and we get the best result possible every time.

If you have graffiti or stains at your property that you would like to see gone, don’t risk making the problem worse or damaging the affected surfaces, give our team a call and we’ll get it off.