It starts off with a couple of small graffiti tags. Then a few more appear. Then more! Before you know it, the whole area is plastered with all kinds of graffiti vandalism and what started off as a small problem has now become a major issue.

This is an all too common story we hear from clients and one that really could have been avoided if the original graffiti tags were removed in the first instance that they happened.

It’s an unfortunate fact that once graffiti appears in an area, or on a building, if it’s not dealt with immediately, then in most cases more graffiti will very quickly appear.

If graffiti is left untreated, this sends a message to both the initial perpetrators and other graffiti vandals that this area isn’t being taken care of and graffiti will not be cleaned.

As a result, this encourages these people to perform more graffiti on the same area and before long you have a complete mess, like the example in the image here.

Once graffiti has been left to get to this stage, it also becomes a much more costly exercise to have it properly cleaned. As you can see in this photo, there are a number of different surface areas and types that now have very heavy graffiti all over them, making for a large removal job.

If the initial tags had been dealt with, this situation would have been avoided and would have only cost a fraction of what this large graffiti removal job will be.

As Australia’s leading graffiti removal company, our team has the experience and capabilities to deal will all kinds of graffiti vandalism and surface types. We can also provide maintenance agreement plans to ensure that your property remains graffiti free.

This will not only avoid out of control graffiti vandalism like you see here, but also greatly reduce the cost of on-going removal.

So give our customer service team a call to find out more, or to arrange for a no obligation graffiti removal quote.