Walls, buildings and other areas that are badly effected with graffiti often started out by having just a small or single graffiti tag.

We commonly see that these tags are left on display instead of being removed, and this leads to other graffiti tags start to appear, which then quickly escalates into an area covered in graffiti.

This can then lead to other bad influences coming into an area, like vandalism, breaking and entering, car theft and even drug dealers.

All of this could have been avoided very simply and for little cost if the initial graffiti tag was dealt with when it first appeared.

There are many different types of paints and markers used for graffiti tags, and many different types of surfaces these are applied on. This is why we have developed many unique graffiti removal chemicals and system to deal with a multitude of graffiti scenarios and situations.

Cement surfaces or brick walls are just one example of a difficult surface to clean graffiti from. Often you will see that people have just painted over these surfaces instead of removing the graffiti.

We have a range of specialist cleaning solutions for different bare surfaces and graffiti types. These can then be hand cleaned off or pressure cleaned, often using super heated water.

Don’t let your area fall victim to the graffiti plague. Have it cleaned in the first instance and avoid it spreading.