While our team spend most of their working day removing graffiti tags from a wide range of public, commercial and private property, we do understand that not all forms of graffiti is the act of vandals.

Street Art and Murals that have been painstakingly created by people that clearly have a lot of talent can certainly have its place in our towns and cities, as long as it is done with the approval of the property owner and council if required.

However, the common tagging, paint spraying and bombing that is done purely through an act of vandalism is not something anyone wants on their property or the area they live and work.

This type of graffiti is not an artform and is an illegal activity that needs to be removed and stopped.

Business and councils around the country spend thousands of dollars every year tackling graffiti, trying to maintain their image and provide a secure environment for the public.

On a daily basis our team of technicians at The Graffiti Eaters deal with the frustration caused by graffiti vandalism and see the impact it has on people from all walks of life.

With over 45 years’ experience in providing graffiti removal all over Australia, we have fine-tuned our wide range cleaning solutions and treatment processes which allows our team to get the best result every time.

One of the best forms of deterrent you can use to help prevent graffiti is quick and full removal of any tags when they happen. This sends a clear message to the graffiti vandals that their tags will not be left in full view of the public, so they get no satisfaction from their efforts.

More often than not, this will deter the vandals from targeting the same area again and they will usually move on to other locations.

So, if you have graffiti that needs removal and want it done right, give our team a call.